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Welcome to our henna hair dye speciality section (quite a mouthful)! Here you will find all you need to know on henna hair dye. Start with reading up on the history of dying in itself, or get straight to our review section and find the henna hair dye you need!

Dying you say?

With more than 75 percent of American women dyeing their hair, the ancient art of hair dying is ever more popular. Colors ranging from vivid green to chestnut brown turned hair coloring into a booming over 7-billion-dollar industry! Nonetheless, synthetic hair dyes go hand in hand with some serious adverse effects. Henna hair dye is a safe and natural alternative to any synthetic dye.

The history of dying

Before henna hair dye, fruits were often used.

The very first colors for hair were derived from plants and insects. In 1500 B.C. Egyptians used henna, a native plant from the Middle East, to color their hair! It is also known as the mignonette tree or the Egyptian privet. Originally henna has a red color, but by mixing ingredients from other plants, other colors can be obtained. Indigo for example is a natural dye from a plant that, when added to henna, creates brown to black colors in the hair. These types of “natural” hair colors were predominantly all there was until much later some chemical discoveries were made. This led to the creation of a synthetic dye for use on fabrics and hair, and later to the development of the dyes and billion-dollar-businesses we know today. These synthetic dyes became so popular, they made us (almost!) forget about henna hair dye!

Dying, a risky business

Nowadays hair dyeing is a fashion standard that allows women (and men!) to regain that long-lost color. In certain subcultures coloring of the hair is even being used to express creativity! Certain types of synthetic hair dyes however contain chemical products, which can be dangerous for your health. These risks include skin irritation, allergies, hair damage, discoloration of the skin and a higher chance of getting cancer. Most cosmetic makers have stopped using compounds that are known to cause cancer. However, the chemicals that replaced these “do-badders” are made in almost the same way. Because a henna hair dye only colors the outside of the hair, it is a safe, effective and natural alternative to synthetic hair dyes!

“Henna hair dye only colors the outside of the hair”

Go safe with henna hair dyes!
Go red with henna hair dye

Henna is originally red!

Except for coloring hair, henna hair dyes have many other benefits too. Because it coats the strands of hair, it makes the strands lie down flatter, which then results in shinier and smoother hair with less tangling. Talking about a double win! For more curly or coarse hair types, the added weight from henna has a typical relaxing and softening effect on the hair curl patterns. Also the shrinkage-effect is noticeably less when the hair dries. People with finer or thinner hair might even benefit from henna the most, with more body, shine and all round bounce, resulting from the thicker strands.

Unfortunately, natural henna hair dye is often mixed with non-natural compounds such as lead acetate, silver nitrate, copper, nickel, iron salts, cobalt and bismuth. Some of these pre-mixed concocsels have almost no henna whatsoever. These pre-mixed “compound henna” products may not even have an accurate or complete ingredient declaration. And if you cannot be certain what is in each box, you cannot be certain what cross reactions may occur between your compound and preceding or subsequent chemical processes. This means that you might have an allergic reaction to something in that mixture. It are these things that have left henna with a bad rep… Natural henna hair dye with added natural plant ingredients however, does not contain any of these metallic salts! Here you will find all you need to know on henna hair dyes, how to do dye your hair yourself and where to find all the stuff you need to get your favorite color! All the natural and safe way!

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