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There are so many reasons why people like to dye their hair. Some like to get rid of those grays that start to sprout, others just want a new start – and their hair is part of that – and still others are just not pleased with their own color. Trust me, I know!

A natural way of dyeing your hair is using henna. Already since ancient times, this plant has been used as a hair dye. Through the years, the process of applying it has been wonderfully optimized. Although there are plenty of tips available online, it is still a messy process, and can be quite confusing to start with (check out our recent application method for beginners!).

“These reasons to try henna hair dyes will make you wonder why you haven’t tried it before!”

But with so many non-natural hair dyes available, why should you even consider going through the trouble of dyeing your hair with henna if you could just slap on a chemical dye and be done with it? And I bet you all heard about the “awful” things of henna, like  “it smells bad” or “it’s sooooo hard to remove”… That probably makes you wonder why people even start using it. Well, in this post you’ll get 6 reasons to try henna hair dyes, making you wonder why you haven’t done it before!

Reason 1 – Chemical-free

Yes, this is a big thing and a definitive number one of the reasons to try henna hair dyes. More and more research is pointing towards the dangers of several chemicals used in hair dyes and their possible carcinogenic effects. Natural henna however, is a completely chemical-free natural alternative. Be careful though! Some shady retailers do add certain chemicals to their henna dye, defeating the actual purpose! Although henna is naturally red, you can achieve other colors by mixing it with other plant dyes, all the chemical-free way! How about that for a reason?

Reason 2 – Maintains natural balance

In contrast to chemical dyes, henna helps to maintain the natural acid-alkaline balance on your scalp, thereby cleansing it of dirt without altering your natural balance. By doing so, you can rest assure that you’re not damaging your precious hair or scalp.

Reason 3 – Natural conditioner

You read that right. Henna is a great natural conditioner! It adds wonderful shine and volume, resulting in silky soft and strong hair. Furthermore, since it actually stains the hair – it does not penetrate it – it forms a small layer of protection around it, shielding the hair from a number of environmental effects. Mixing it with other products such as yoghurt or olive oil will result in possibly the best DIY natural conditioner you could get!

Reason 4 – Treats dandruff

If you have a bad case of dandruff, henna might be an even better option for you. Henna contains a number of properties that are very effective to ward off any bacteria or germs. Even some anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients from henna in order to treat dandruff. By adding other natural ingredients, such as lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or tea tree essential oil, you can even improve the treatment further.

Reason 5 – Promotes hair growth

If your hair is healthy and well maintained, hair growth is a logical consequence. Henna, with its balance-maintaining, anti-dandruff and conditioning effects, keeps your hair in an optimal state, promoting hair growth altogether. Additionally, because it makes your hair stronger, you will also start to find less hair in your brush. In fact, people suffering from acute hair loss often use henna to reduce the loss naturally.

Reason 6 – Natural color

And a really nice finisher to these reasons to try henna hair dyes: Henna hair dye is a transparent dye. This means that your original color will be maintained and receives an extra shade, resulting in a very natural looking color. This makes it the perfect – if not the best – option for getting rid of grey hairs. This also means that henna cannot dye your hair lighter! People with black hair will thus receive all the advantages displayed above, but will not achieve a lighter color… However! When sunlight hits black hair, colored with pure henna, it will give the most mysterious looking dark red shine, which is a true sight for sore eyes.

Completely convinced with these 6 reasons to try henna hair dyes? Or need a bit more info? Let us know what made you a convert and spread the word to make this world a better place (for hair)!


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